Aaron T. Ruth

A quirky geek with a knack for creative and innovative solutions for a modern world.

Meet Me

Let me introduce myself.

Well, as you may have guessed, I'm Aaron Ruth - a graphic designer and software engineer for PC Automated Controls, Inc. I spend most of my time designing, programming, and testing user interfaces for building automation systems. However, in my free time I work on all kinds of projects from unique vehicle builds, to in-depth case studies and research. I love to learn and I hesitate to turn down any new experience. I'm passionate about building a better & brighter tomorrow so I actively seek out incredible and inspiring individuals to work with.

Custom WebCTRL v.7 Demos

I have built a series of simulated Automated Logic WebCTRL© systems to be used for sales pitches and customer training. These systems include full renderings of a client's facility, 3D equipment renderings, interactive data points, and simulated occupant-building interactions. Contact me today to schedule a consultation.

Building Automation Systems

With a very diversified miscellany of clients, I develop an extensive range of building automation systems. At PC Automated Controls, Inc. I tackle unique and highly specialized integration projects. From government facilities to mission critical and medical facilities, I am well-versed in designing, developing, and deploying these building automation systems.